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By DORIE PRIDE, 2019-01-01

May this year be filled with many opportunities to brighten the load when its heavy. May it provide shelter from the storms and sunshine in the rain. May the dreams you hold unfold and bring your soul joy and satisfaction or given grace to dream a brand new dream that's yearning to be born. May light prevail on the darkest night and a song of solace fill your heart. And may you always know that you are loved... GOD BLESS each and everyone with abundant blessings, a heart filled with joy, a strong healthy body, peace of mind and laughter for your soul. May you be given grace to dream in 2019!   # Dorie   Pride


By DORIE PRIDE, 2018-12-26

For me CHRISTMAS represents GOD’S love magnified because HE gave us the most precious gift one can give HIS SON JESUS – LOVE! It is humanity’s gift from GOD to us. The stars from heaven twinkle brightly lightening the dark path to CHRIST. The wise men arrived with gifts of substance, meaning and wealth. We look back on that day and emulate giving gifts. We celebrate the birth of CHRIST. But how deep do we really go into truly understanding of what Chri stmas is to the human race? Looking beyond religious beliefs and differences; class systems, gender differences, creeds and everything in between; Jesus being the LIGHT of the world, and LOVE, there is no place where he cannot go and share the gift that he bares which is LOVE. At the end of the day and the end of this life as we know it, it is all about LOVE, giving of the heart and from the heart! After all, when we all take our last breath and slip out of our final piece of clothing it won’t be about how much we have but more about how much we’ve given away… I pray to leave this earth completely empty; having given back all the LOVE that was given to me.   # DORIE   PRIDE


By DORIE PRIDE, 2018-11-29


Thanksgiving Day is my very favorite holiday because it is a day of gratitude. A day when we are not meant to look at the world and all the problems surrounding it, nor focus on our own personal set of issues. It is a day meant to celebrate whatever we do have. knowing that it could always be worse! My Grandmother Mary was my Sage. She taught me about life and Godly wisdom. She was very wise and sat me down many times as a child to expound her wisdom upon my soul. The one thing that lingers most, forever in my heart, was her explanation of gratitude in a parable. She said, “I once cried because I had no shoes… Until I saw the man that had no feet.” This parable summed up my view of life throughout the good times and the bad times. I found balance in knowing that no matter what I had to face… someone else was facing something far more difficult. So, with that mindset I was given the grace to find light in the darkest hour because it could always be worse. Having said that, this is why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it allows my soul the opportunity to find joy in the simplest things and share it with loved ones on an official day, a day of THANKSGIVING for whatever we have, no matter how big or small. 
I stop by today to show love to all the supporters of my music from radio DJ’s, to family, friends and my fan base. I deeply appreciate all the support and time you have put into listening to my work and passing it along to your friends. Being an Artist is a gift and blessing which brings light and love to the planet through sharing what is in the heart of the Artist. The opportunity to express what is stirring in my heart is an honor. When people get what's in your heart and love what you do, there is no greater honor. So, I just wanted to take a moment to reach out to each and every one of you today to say from my heart- THANK YOU for your support and love! I deeply love and appreciate you all...
Love and Light...


By DORIE PRIDE, 2018-06-08

Patience is a difficult lesson for the soul to learn. It must only be learned by having to wait. Usually the thing that is burning in the heart to accomplish takes the most amount of time to realize because it is almost always framed in patience. Having the dream tested over time is like a fire that never burns the soul but you feel the heat. Yet, that is required when the dream has weight. It must be challenged by patience. Only then can we come to realize the true desire of what say we want. Is it dream? Is it a desire? Or is it your oxygen? Time will unfold the truth of what we seek and patience is the master teacher! ‪#‎ Dorie Pri de


By DORIE PRIDE, 2018-06-08

Been in the studio quite a bit lately working with Kamau Seitu on my new CD! Look out for the next single to drop this month. I lost some time due to an upper respiratory issue stemming from a serious pollen/ragweed allergic reaction BUT I am fully recovered and back to the grind! I am very excited about what is being birthed in the studio! I can't wait to share the next single! Coming soon... I will keep you posted!


By DORIE PRIDE, 2018-05-01

Spirit leads the way for music to travel from an intangible realm of reality to our sensory realm of passion. Through the magical ether of sound it travels down into the soul and beckons to be expressed. When that soul’s antenna picks up a frequency of sound and energy; the embryo of a song is born. # Dorie Pride


By DORIE PRIDE, 2018-04-26

It's time to dump all the stuff that isn't working in your head! Unpack the stuff that will move you forward in the direction of your dreams! Sitting around thinking about how bad things are and how impossible it seems to realize dreams is only an obstacle to overcome. The moment you stand in trust that the clouds will drift away and the sun will come out shining you are already peeling back the layers of illusion and then you can see it what was hidden all the time!  # Dorie  Pride


By DORIE PRIDE, 2018-03-25

I am honored to share my sacred offerings to the LORD. It has been over 25+years that I have been seeking intimacy with GOD. My new book SPIRIT TALK SOUL WALK i s really an outpouring of my experiences on my spiritual journey over many years on my path to enlightenment. It also includes the years of falling down and getting back up, seeking, praying, crying, determined to know the Lord as close as my skin; bathing in the LIGHT, praying to get it right, and finding over time a deeper, ever-evolving spirituality that blossoms more with each day as I put one foot in front of the other, focused on seeking the heart of GOD. And doing my best... being my best and yet sometimes missing it...SPIRIT TALK... SOUL WALK is a very sacred intimate time spent with the LORD written from my heart. The book has 4 basic sections.:
I continue to seek more intimacy; compassion, mercy, and grace through spending quality time with an open heart and mind to know Him as close as my skin.... NOW AVAILABLE @   doriepride.com  

Dorie Pride
About Dorie Pride


Singer/songwriter/musician DORIE PRIDE is a purple sheep that walks to the beat of her own drum. She thinks outside the box and is exuberant about life! “I am very comfortable in my own skin and live by the cardinal rule of the heart LOVE. I am very committed to living a life that fulfills my purpose on planet earth. That purpose is making great music that stirs the heart and provokes thoughts that challenge people's consciousness and wake them up. I write music on my guitar and sing words that entice, invite and open unconscious eyes to see the bigger purpose of our lives; through my words and music. I am very confident that I am on track with my mission.

Dorie Pride is a gifted poetess who spreads seeds of LIGHT through her music. She draws upon her Native American and African roots compelling her to use her voice to bring attention to mother earth. Through her prolific timely observations on the human condition, she brings awareness to the global warming crisis and the ever growing lack of compassion. Dorie weaves thought provoking stories on our social tapestry beckoning humanity to pause and listen to the silent cries of the desolate. While being heavily influenced by THE BEATLES (evident on songs from her debut CD – ‘LIFE’S JUST A COLOR TV!’ such as ‘REVOLUTION’, ‘CRY’ and ‘DAY IN THE LIFE’) Dorie has a unique style which is a diverse and eclectic blend of pop jazz, folk, soul. Dorie grew up in the Motor City where Motown ruled in strong commercial Pop/ R&B music and Jazz. “My musical pallet is very wide. I embrace and love everything from Motown to The Beatles, (together and separately), The Stones, Billy Holiday, Miles Davis to Prince, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder to Louis Armstrong, Nina Simon to Earth Wind and Fire. Then there was Ray Charles… He graced my ears from birth. My mother worshipped him. As far as females go… I got into Joni Mitchell. I love the way she writes songs and plays her guitar. Billy Holiday, Annie Lennox and Nina Simone captured my attention because they all had such cool, different sounding voices. They were lone wolves unique, hip…very appealing to me.

Her sophomore album LOVE WILL FIND A WAY opens a door that will lead the listener into realms of thought provoking stories taken straight from the pages of life. “I started on my musical journey as a kid in Detroit, playing around with a cheap folk guitar I got for Christmas one year. My neighbor Ray Parker Jr. taught me how to play 3 open chords. My hands and fingers hurt so much; I couldn’t get past the pain and I eventually put the guitar down for quite a while, but lyrics came very quickly, while playing the guitar was much more challenging. Thus began the process of honing my song writing skills. When I picked up the guitar again many years later in my very early 20’s I met Grammy Nominated Songwriter Kamau Seitu in LA and began writing songs with him. He taught me how to play guitar, use my ear and trust myself. He’s a great teacher! “Push through the pain and practice every day and you will one day be very good,” He said. When I picked up my guitar it brought such a sense of wholeness to my songwriting because I could be more exact in what I wanted to communicate. Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, Johnny Mathis, The Spinners, Cheryl Lynn, Michael Henderson are just a few of the illustrious artists Dorie and Kamau have pen songs for.
PRIDE’S sophomore album, ‘LOVE WILL FIND A WAY’ is brilliantly produced and arranged by KAMAU SEITU unfolding stories that cast light and shadows on the collective soul. ‘SHE NEVER ASKS’ puts a face on homelessness in a stark, moving story woven from the tapestry of her life involving two contrasting women… one who lost her way, while the other was the muse. It is only one example of the many proud, homeless people who wander throughout life with a story that no one cares to know.” With an androgynous, smoky voice reminiscent of JONI MITCHELL, Dorie twists and flows into a hauntingly, captivating contralto voice that awakens memories of the late great NINA SIMONE. Mike Tarpley’s soulful tenor sax paints colors of jagged blue while Edsel Robinson’s hauntingly beautiful keyboards uncover a childhood memory that lingers still. With a passionate guitar solo from KAMAU SEITU, Dorie continues to weave thought provoking stories on our social tapestry.

As the ancestors lead her on a mission to bring light, love and healing to the planet, it takes compassion and understanding to begin to heal and for Dorie that mission is accomplished through her words and music. LIFE’S JUST A COLOR TV and LOVE WILL FIND A WAY are both available on iTunes, Amazon CD BABY. Dorie Pride was voted INDIE MUSIC CHANNEL TOP NEW ARTIST and LEE BAILEY’S EUR Web FEATURED NEW ARTIST!

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