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Carl Victor Moore was born September 24,1957 in Oklahoma City,Oklahoma to Carl Lee Moore and Mary Elizabeth McDonald. The youngest of five,Carl has three sisters. Annie, Carlene,Linda and one brother Fred. Mary Elizabeth, Carls’ mother, was a piano prodigy who also accompanied operatic vocalists as well as local church congregations. She insisted on a well rounded musical experience so, young Carl took violin,viola and brass instruction. By age 13, Carl began secretly practicing piano. Arriving at school 2 to 3 hours before class, Carl practiced furiously until classes began.

At the age of 14,Carl lost his mother and moved to California with his father. Later that same year Carl was ordained as a Minister by Bishop Charles Porter.

In the summer of 1975,Carl signed his first recording contract with Birthright Records. That same summer, Carl enrolled at The University of California Santa Cruz. While attending UCSC as a student, Carl also accompanied a class called ‘The Evolution of Afro-American Gospel’. Carl brought longtime Andrae Crouch vocalist Danniebelle Hall as guest lecturer/performer. Danniebelle became a lifelong mentor. In 1976, Carl was awarded the Smithsonian Institute Study Grant in Sociology and studied under Dr. Bernice Reagon, founder of Sweet Honey in the Rock. Relocating to Omaha Nebraska, Carl worked for the University of Nebraska Educational TV Department as well as The Omaha School of Music. While there Carl played during the taping of Grammy nominated Savoy Records,”I Don’t Feel 

Noway Tired” with Rev. James Cleveland and the Salem Baptist Inspirational Choir. Opening act for Kool & The Gang, WAR, Mass Production, Confunkshun among many others, led Carl to tour the U.S. and Canada. Finally arriving in Tokyo Japan, Carl released his first solo project: “CHANCE”. Carl performed with Janet Jackson, Chuck Berry, Paul Jackson Sr., Phyllis Hyman, and while recording his 2nd project: “Night Labor”,Carl was featured on CNN Japan week with Mal Adams.

After living in Japan for five years, Carl returned to the U.S. working for HUD in Cincinnati, Carl returned to Oklahoma in 1998 and began the arduous task of building GJN,  the GOSPEL JAZZ RECORDING NETWORK. GJN has produced more than fifty projects and launched countless artists. All this while releasing seven solo recordings, performing on a ‘Jazz Cruise’ as headliner, performing with Beverly Crawford and Jim Belushi and continuing to thrill audiences worldwide.